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Help me please only 27!!!

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@10987654321– I feel I need to mention w/ the link I provided, that is by no means a diagnosis as I am not a professional in this area. It is just an array of different neurological symptoms that have been known to occur, after a nasal/sinus procedure.
The nasal/sinus function is part of the autonomic nervous system. The cranial nerves that innervate the sinus/nasal cavity are very strong and have a powerful connection w/ the parasympathetic nervous system (fight or flight response). This can cause a cascade of other events when not in homeostasis. So it is just a suggestion to not rule out working with people who fully understand the cranial nerves and the cross over into other parts of the body’s CNS (central nervous system). If check back and have any questions, I’d be more than happy to answer where I can.

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I think I have empty nose syndrome as my nose is dry and crusty and all screwed up. It was never right after surgery. However, I think something else happened that caused all the rest of this too… maybe an infection or something?

I know it started with this…. I was worried about ens before the surgery and was assure I’d be ok (not)

However idk what happened that caused all the other stuff after mental confusion severe personality/cognitive change ears ringing walking problems gaits muscle weaknesss chronic fatigue etc all the rest of the bad

I wonder if I got an infection however I won’t know now now how do I treat what is left….?

I’m so lost someone told me maybe ivig???? Have any of you heard of that could that help me?