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Help me please only 27!!!

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This suggestion by Teresa @hopeful33250 makes a ton of sense to me. The symptoms as you describe them sound so diverse and kind of random, and being in your twenties and formerly healthy prior to your surgery last April, it really does sound like you might have "caught" something very bad. One thing you mentioned is having been diagnosed with sensory polyneuropathy. Who diagnosed that and what tests (if any) were done to arrive at that conclusion? Even if you have developed neuropathy, that would not begin to explain all else that is going on. You have mentioned covid (and I recall Jennifer @jenniferhunter suggesting that back in August as well). I am wondering if an infectious disease doctor would be of service to you in figuring this out? (I know, you have already seen practically every doctor known to man, but really, this might be the right direction to steer toward).

Oh my goodness, I feel so much compassion for you in this! Try to remain calm and perhaps reassess the direction you have been pursuing, I believe Teresa is on to something. Best to you, Hank

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@10987654321-Hello. Your situation sound very eerily similar to mine. I want to first share my empathy and let you know this is not in your head or anxiety.
-What was the exact sinus surgery you had? The areas and what was it for?
-Did your ENT ever bring up the possibility of a condition ENS -Empty Nose Syndrome? Most likely not, as it is an iatrogenic caused condition from their surgeries that they will not admit to.
-This has happened to many people following a sinus surgery when they are told they are “healing fine”
-It is very coming then for them to be referred to multiple different specialists for the symptoms they are presenting with.
-I will supply you w/ a link here. I’m not sure it shows up with the hyperlink to click on.
-You can read it and see if this sounds like anything you are/have been experiencing since sinus surgery.

I had an emg last year that came back with sensory demylenating polynnejropathy

No one did anything

Then they did another emg and said it was fine (different network)

Now I can barely walk my muscles are becoming increasingly weak (I have developed weird hairs my kneee bows in and my hips away when I walk and my legs wobble and my wrist feels limp)

I’m also losing feeling however I can still scratch the outside it’s more the inside like how my joints and feet are supposed to work (it’s almost like a hollow weak muscle feeling)

I can barely walk through the store with a shipping cart

Recently they told me I don’t want to go back to work and to go to physical therapist and pain clinic (it’s more lack of feeling when pain) physical therapist I can barely even walk in building

They told me it’s made up and it’s functional/conversion disorder

Def not made up I feel pretty helpless and really scared

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