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10987654321 (@10987654321)

Help me please only 27!!!

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Hello @10987654321,

After I read this post, I went to your profile and read all of your posts since you joined Connect last year. You have certainly had a tumultuous time getting help for your many symptoms. As you already know, on Connect, we are patients like yourself. We are not medical professionals and therefore we cannot diagnose your problem.

However, there were two things in your posts that I found interesting: one was that these symptoms started after your nasal surgery and the second was that your fiancee became ill with Lupus around the same time.

As I think about these two things I'm wondering if there have been any significant environmental changes in your life. Something like moving to a new neighborhood, being exposed to toxins, drinking well water that might be contaminated, etc. I'm also wondering about your nasal surgery. Have you been to see an infectious disease specialist? Could there be some correlation between the surgery and your current health problems?

Finally, since many women are told that our problems are caused by emotional or psychiatric problems, have you considered getting a work-up from a neuropsychologist? This type of psychologist would talk to you and also perform neurological testing. In this way, you would understand what neurological problems might exist separate from the physical. Then if you have proof that there are no serious psychological problems you can take that to your doctors to prove that you need to be treated by a medical professional.

In any case, the frustration you are facing certainly indicates that a trained therapist/counselor might be able to help you deal with the frustration of this problem and perhaps offer you some new ways to approach this.

Does this sound like something you might consider?

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This suggestion by Teresa @hopeful33250 makes a ton of sense to me. The symptoms as you describe them sound so diverse and kind of random, and being in your twenties and formerly healthy prior to your surgery last April, it really does sound like you might have "caught" something very bad. One thing you mentioned is having been diagnosed with sensory polyneuropathy. Who diagnosed that and what tests (if any) were done to arrive at that conclusion? Even if you have developed neuropathy, that would not begin to explain all else that is going on. You have mentioned covid (and I recall Jennifer @jenniferhunter suggesting that back in August as well). I am wondering if an infectious disease doctor would be of service to you in figuring this out? (I know, you have already seen practically every doctor known to man, but really, this might be the right direction to steer toward).

Oh my goodness, I feel so much compassion for you in this! Try to remain calm and perhaps reassess the direction you have been pursuing, I believe Teresa is on to something. Best to you, Hank

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