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Help me please only 27!!!

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Hi. Who won't help you? Who did you see? What did they do, did they do any tests? What exactly did they say and what exactly did they recommend? Your posts are not giving enough information to allow anyone to be of help to you. I think you would benefit yourself to calmly sit and write out in detail what exactly has happened to you since your last post. Personally I am very interested. I am dying to be of more service to you if you can just be more descriptive. With all sincerity and my best to you, Hank

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I can try my head is now child like almost I can barely talk think…. I can’t read a book ( I have 3 graduate degrees). I had a sinus surgery in March. I was ok after. They gave me pills (3 weeks Ativan while I healed) I quit cold felt sick went to hospital ( I never took anything like this before didn’t know why I felt sick when I quit) anyway, they did tests said I was fine. I went back two days later in April bc I felt not fine at all…… tachycardia ect bad. They did blood draw and my right arm started going numb/cold/tingly. This spread throughout my body overnight. Hospital drs told me anxiety gave me who the hell knows what for weeks… made me more sick. Never got better.

Now my head is so bad I had to quit working. This weaknesss has spread I can barely walk work function. I’ve had multiple mris eeg ekg blood tests lumbar echo. Neurology laughs at me bc my mri is ok. And no one else helps me. I can barely talk now. My head pressure is terrible. My limbs are cold and numb (now turning purple and crusty).

I think this happened April 29th in hospital. I never got better. I’ve been progressively getting soooo bad. I went from hikes and driving and working to sitting on couch like vegetable barely able to eat with numb cold limbs and severe lightheadedness and confusion blurry eyes and diminished heading/ringing.

Idk I’d I had Covid that triggered something??? Idk what else would have done this? And why it keeps getting worse?

I was never allowed to test for Covid rather I was told I was nuts and anxiety.

I’m sooo bad. I’m not exaggerating f. I’m not myself at all. I can’t talk think. I can’t function. I’m not living life at all.

I hope this helps. Please pray for me.