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Stress affecting seizures

Epilepsy & Seizures | Last Active: Sep 25, 2020 | Replies (3)

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Good morning @Isittll & Lisa,
Stress, Anxiety & Depression are undoubtedly a trigger for you and one of Epilepsy patients worst nightmares. Unfortunately, these issues are very common in Epilepsy patients. I know very well all the negativity and often resentment associated with Epilepsy but there are positives in even the worst tragedies. Always do whatever is necessary to control these problems since they can be Seizure triggers. I’m glad you were able to remove yourself from your previous environment. It’s great your seizures have decreased from four to one a month. That’s a great accomplishment but still one seizure is still one too many.
Please excuse my poor memory but are your seizures Focal or Generalized?
Congratulations on your improved seizure control. It’s always good news reading/hearing about better control.
May you soon be completely seizure free.
Take good care of yourself and chase those stress & negative demons far away.
Hoping you have a seizure-free future.
Take care,

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Dear Jake,
I saw my neurologist a week ago and she increased my zonisamide from 2 to 3 to see if better control can be achieved. I would like and have always wanted perfect control (after all I'm a perfectionist).
Jake for that poor memory of your yours my seizures are psychomotor.
Right now I gasp during my seizures. Oh, and my doctor asked if I have had my breathing checked out recently.

Take care,

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