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Thank you for your input. Unfortunately, I have now been advised that I need two root canal procedures on the other side of my mouth, and I am trying to decide if I should go ahead with root canal surgery or just have those teeth ectracted. It appears thar I could have problems either way! I have been advised to see a neurologist, but one doctor also advised me to get the two teeth taken care of before seeing a Neurologist as the infected root canal teeth could be the cause of the shooting pains in my head! I am so confused right now, and very concerned about the cost of all this treatment without a resolution.

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Serita Reyes, Get root canals & save your teeth. Pulling them can cause problems, too & you know I've experienced those. I'm happy to see you using this site!

@serita You do have some things to think about. Here is some of my experience on that. I had root canals as a kid 50 years ago that later failed as a result of trauma when I broke my front teeth as a kid. I ended up with lots of dental work over the years and 4 root canals in a row that failed. I was surprised that for several years, my asthma got worse because I always had a baseline of chest congestion and allergies and asthma on top of that. I thought it was sinus pain until it ate a hole in my upper jaw and ate the bone. I had an apicoectomy to save the tooth which cut the root tip off so the surgeon could clean out the infection and retreat the tooth from that end packing it with the gutta percha used for root canals. This material contains cadmium which does leach into the body, and I have blood work that confirmed cadmium in my body. The 2nd root canal failed 2 years later and I realized this was a loosing battle. I made the decision to extract all, and replace with bio-compatible zironia implants that do bond with bone tissue. This is expensive, but will be less than efforts to save another tooth every 2 years. I can have a 4 unit bridge attached to only 2 implants (not 4) which also saves money, and it gets the toxic stuff out of my body. My health has improved a lot since the teeth were removed. I have been told that root canals can't remove the bacteria inside the tooth and antibiotics can't reach into the microtubules in the tooth structure, and that eventually root canals fail. Mine had been leaking for several years. I see a biological dentist who explained this and said if it were him, he would not allow a root canal in his mouth, and would instead extract and get a dental implant. My extractions were several months ago, and the sockets were filled with a bone graft to prepare for the implants which I am now ready to receive. You may want to get another opinion with a biological dentist and get an estimate from the oral surgeon that the dentist works with.

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