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Im new here. I know exactly what you’re talking about.
I also been having chest tightness since October.
I’ve also had a lot of different test done. Chest X-ray, echocardiogram, EKG, checked for blockage and breathing test. All tests came back good. My breathing test showed really mild COPD which the Dr says is not causing my shortness of breath.
I also went to the ER. They said my tests were fine. The ER Dr. told me it’s probably anxiety.
Waiting to do a stress test next.
Dr’s keep telling me it’s probably my anxiety. Is it though? Can chest tightness last that long if it were anxiety? I have to admit when I take my anxiety med I do feel better. I just don’t feel like it’s my anxiety. I feel as if I get anxiety from the chest tightness.
I also feel like it’s my lungs. I also feel like I have bronchitis or an infection in my lungs.
I’m glad I found this forum and people I can relate to.

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@rmleong– Good morning and welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. I'm glad that you have found us. Feeling as if SOB is the result of something being wrong with your lungs is natural. Why would it be the result of anything else, right? The chest cavity is a very small place and if something is askew with one of the organs that lives with our lungs then the lungs will be affected. Also, studies have shown that mild COPD can cause Dyspnea or SOB.
Is your COPD caused by smoking or another illness? Do you use inhalers at all?

I have the same problems. I know it is the lungs because if i lay on my chest and cough hard it slightly loosens and i cough up a tiny bit and it gives me temporary relief. Are you still suffering?