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2 year anniversary of TKR

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Hello @ellerbracke
I would like to join @artscaping in wishing you a happy 2-year TKR replacement. You have adjusted to your new joint quite nicely. I'm sure this took a lot of work and determination on your part.

Is there anything that you can't do (but would like to) because of your TKR?

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@hopeful33250 : Teresa (and others, who responded) – of course there are things I can’t do, or not do as well, or don’t dare do, or was told not to do anymore. Mostly, like pretty much everyone knows, you can’t kneel to any useful level. (Yes, you can kneel, gently, with a pillow or padding underneath, but try this outdoors, on hard soil to pull weeds – no, ma’am.) Second, to this day, if I inadvertently forget, it hurts when I pull a tight pair of socks or jeans off my TKR leg. Always has, still does. The pulling seems to not do well with the joint. For yard work, my shovel-digging leg is now my left one. I can actually see my right calf – which is my predominate leg – getting or at least staying puny. No earthly reason….And, mostly, it is timidity. I still walk like gangbusters semi-level neighborhood roads, to the tune of 120+ steps/minute, roughly 16 minutes per mile, but once I get onto hiking trails, my knee is feeling fragile regarding unexpected terrain – which is a given, on a hiking trail. And I walk like a baby in wet/icy road conditions. So pretty much I accept the limitations, but don’t like them, but I’m resigned to the new. lesser knee prowess.