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There are many different types of elastic that can be used with the clear windowed masks. I use the flat soft 1/4 to 1/3 inch elastic measuring 12-15 inches long so that both strands are able to be pulled and placed onto the head. After washing and using them a number of times, they relax and are easier to use on the head. The masks that I am sewing here in Sun City Center, FL are comfortable and easy around aids, glasses and different styles of hairdos.

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@nurseheadakes Yes elastic will relax. At one time I was working with two separate Etsy mask makers. One of the two I am still using. At my request she used thinner, softer elastic and made the ear loops longer so they will not pinch/be too tight around my ears; so far this is the best type of mask for me and my head. No two head shapes are identical — what works for one may be a disaster for others. Except for traditional hats I have never been comfortable wearing anything around my head, tied to my head nor having anything tied under my chin….(never wore scarves on my head, tied under my chin or around my neck). My "guinea pig" mask maker initially sent me a mask made with elongated velcro fastening. It was impossible to comfortably "tighten" the velcro without pinching my face/head. No matter how I positioned the velcro fasteners around my head, the mask would begin creeping up my face till it was blocking the bottom of my eyes. Since velcro fasteners masks refused to stay in place on the back of my head they had to be discarded. Velcro is a great idea for those who can comfortably use it.