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Yes! That is always possible. When I am wearing my masks, I periodically check to make sure my hearing
aids have not 'moved' from where they are sitting on my ears. With the addition of my glasses, especially when switching from prescription sunglasses to regular glasses, it is even more critical. I recently volunteered with an Etsy mask maker to "trial" her new design for an elastic behind the head style. Ties were not a good idea for me having had multiple hand and finger surgeries years ago that permanently altered their dexterity and flexibility. For me, this style was even worse as the fabric not only squashed my ears, making it difficult to position my HAs', it also covered them. The elastic was extremely uncomfortable and it did not fit securely against the back of my head no matter how I tried to position it.

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I tried masks that had elastic around the head. No go for me. They tangled in my hair and would not stay where I wanted them to be. I made masks with long enough ties that I can get them tied in a bow. I've also found it helps to wear a hat to tie them behind. I understand the dexterity issue, and have it a bit of that problem myself with arthritic fingers. I have also seen people use a button band that grabs the elastic from a standard mask and fastens behind the head. Not sure there is a perfect solution. Needless to say, they are all uncomfortable and inconvenient. This too shall pass….hopefully!!

There are many different types of elastic that can be used with the clear windowed masks. I use the flat soft 1/4 to 1/3 inch elastic measuring 12-15 inches long so that both strands are able to be pulled and placed onto the head. After washing and using them a number of times, they relax and are easier to use on the head. The masks that I am sewing here in Sun City Center, FL are comfortable and easy around aids, glasses and different styles of hairdos.