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Gastric carcinoid she were found in 2010 during a hysterectomy (surgery) when I was diagnosed with Stage 3b Uterine Cancer. I had been cancer free since 1987 when I was diagnosed with stage 2 Thyroid Cancer involving 3 lymph nodes. Since the 2010 surgery I have had 13 chemo treatments & 28 radiation treatments ( resulting in atrophic vaginitis). I was treated at UW Carbone Cancer Center, Vince Lombardi Cancer Center & Northwestern Cancer Center. I was released from UW Carbone Cancer Center in 2016. Returned for a “routine” EDG in June, 2017 & the GI Surgeon found a Primary NET in the intestinal lining. I researched specialists & with the help of an MD/ friend was referred to an NET Specialist at the Mayo Clinic in Phoenix. Dr. Sonbol. His follow up diagnosis is that it is a well differentiated NET. He set up a team including a GI Specialist who diagnosed the Atrophic Gastritis via another EDG. The Endocrinologist on the team found some residual Thyroid tissue & put me on a supplement. Calcium+magnesium + ?. I was A-symptomatic until June 2018. Then, abdominal pain & eventually diarrhea followed & chronic fatigue. I am on a two month visit in Wisconsin, USA. I had the most recent EDG done here & 2 polyps & 6 tissue sections removed. All carcinoid. He has prescribed Hypscyamine for the gastric attacks/ episodes to take as needed. I remain in the monitor & observe stage now repeating EDG’s at 6 month intervals & the NET Special annually. The next two will be performed at Mayo Hospital in Phoenix & the Clinic in Scottsdale. Stay well & safe.

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I appreciate all of the information you provided, @theminster1. You have had varied cancer experiences. It sounds as if you are making wise decisions regarding researching doctors who can best treat this newest disorder and following up as needed. I admire your tenacity and diligence!
Is the medication you are taking helping you with the symptoms?

Hello @theminster1 .
I wanted to check in with you to say hello and see how you are doing. You last posted that you were prescribed a med to help with gastric attacks. Has this treatment been helpful to you?