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brayimee (@brayimee)

Slipping Rib Syndrome

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I pray so much this will heal me, I prayed again for forgiveness for being selfish. I'm still sore today, but able to walk-around. Anesthesia has caused some BM issue so I'm figuring that out.

Dr. Hansen in WV is a wonderful man. His wife is also incredible. They make a great team and I hope his work is shared more and more with the world. I know he is working on other rib issue too.
He has a YouTube Ribinar that is very knowledgeable.

I'm not home yet, post of visit is tomorrow. I'll be sad to be away because I worry there are no doctors in my area familiar with this, but I know 7 hours isn't too far.


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Oh Aimee, this is really a good, hopeful response from you. I feel a great deal of fondness for you and I want nothing more than a resolution for you and your family of this horrible ordeal. So you are still in West Virginia? Is the friend you came with still there as well? Will you be able to make it home alright? I am sending prayers and well wishes as much as I can Aimee. You rest well and post when you can. Your good friend on Connect, Hank

Hello @brayimee,

I'm glad to hear that your surgery is over and you are in the healing part of the procedure.

I was wondering if you could tell us what was involved in the surgery?