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I was given b12 shots they are not seeming to work numbness is getting worse as is weakness

Should I consider ivig or something else too???? It’s getting hard to walk my whole body is weak and numb…

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@10987654321, several members in the neuropathy group talk about B12 and IVIG treatments. @retiredteacher asked a similar question and vitamin B12 in this discussion:
– Does Vitamin B-12 help with neuropathy of the feet? https://connect.mayoclinic.org/discussion/does-vitamin-b-12-help-with-neuropathy-of-the-feet/

Your neurologist should be able to advise whether vitamin B12 and IVIG treatment are right for you or not. Have either been offered as a treatment option?

@10987654321 Hi, My goodness. Your symptoms are all over the place. Have you had any diagnosis? Are you on any meds at all to alleviate symptoms? Maybe at least start with a good CBD oil to calm you down, and calm some of your symptoms. Do you even have a neurologist? My best to you, Lori Renee

@10987654321 What tests have you had that gave the neuropathy diagnosis? There are lots of kinds of neuropathy, with a range of treatments. Some of your symptoms indicate autonomic neuropathy, which is a challenge to deal with. I'm in the beginning stages of autonomic neuropathy, and have severe pain and other issues from small fiber peripheral neuropathy.

Give Mayo a call if you can get to one of their clinics. A good teaching hospital can also be a good resource.