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Tested negative twice for covid

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@ihatediabetes While I believe that wearing masks, distancing and handwashing are important for everyones' safety, this pandemic is far from over. If I remember correctly, you live in the Twin Cities, which is still a high-infection area. I would think twice, three times, four times before going to any indoor facility like a trampoline park where masks are not worn. We are learning more every day about droplet transmission, asymptomatic transmission, and the ability of the virus to survive in indoor air for longer periods of time. Being at the beach or on a walking/biking path outdoors without a mask would be far safer.
Also, please think about what would happen to your disabled son should either of you get infected and have to quarantine, or worse yet be hospitalized with no visitors allowed.
We have been ultra-cautious, to the extent that we are isolating for 2 weeks because last weekend, on a short trip, we went out to eat twice, once outdoors & once in, in very well-run, distanced settings, with everyone masked except while eating, but it still felt risky enough that we are not exposing our anyone to us…

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Hi, this is a photo I took of the trampoline park. The ceilings are really high. It's basically a warehouse sized building. Plus it's not easy to get close to anyone because you would bounce into them. So people naturally keep a distance. I also learned that trampoline is excellent exercise. So I am doing it myself. It's great for lymphatic system to bounce up and down against gravity. I have been practicing my balance and running across the trampolines. I accidentally don't think I can be 100% safe from Coronavirus. I thought we were just supposed to bend the curve. I thought we were supposed to slow down the infection rate so the hospitals don't get overwhelmed. My husband is also essential worker so I figure if he because positive that I would be positive and quarantined too. Then my son was so unhappy being cooped up. He can't understand why so he's really suffering. I feel like I have to live and hope for the best.