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Cataract Surgery: What to expect after surgery

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Hi yes blurry is normal after cataracts. I had both done 8 ears ago, it passes in time , it should, also there are so many lenses today. did you get an expensive eye lens put in ? My husband had cataract surgery 6 weeks ago on right eye, his last appt was wed, this week, he still has blurriness with the eye, they sold him an expensive lens called," pan optics, tri focal, he says he should have just done the basic lens, i thing its all a money maker, he has good eyes and has never worn glasses, 65 years old and is in top health shape. Now , he still has major ! major light sensitivity, the surgeon says this will all pass ! he cant go in the sun or drive in the bright day light ! really? someone talk to me about this, the doc said there is NOTHING wrong with his eyes !!

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I haven't a clue if I got an expensive lens. She didn't mention prices or if there was more than one type of lens.

How about a very dark sun glasses. It helped me with light sensitivity driving and,walking.

I too got the expensive lens, the toric lens. On Jan 7th I am scheduled for another operation to TAKE IT OUT and put in a basic lens. The Toric lens gave me double vision!

I got the expensive lens for the stigmatism in my left eye. My vision is a litlte better but I also have mild MD so it's not great, and the eye hurts sometimes, aches, and is blurry. I still have a cataract in my right eye but it's not that bad yet. I went back to the dr several times complaining of discomfort and some pain but he said everything was fine. But it still hurts and I don't know what's wrong. Also feels like something is in there and its' very distracting. He was condescending and when I told him his staff told me to stop the anti-inflammatory drops several weeks after surgery he didn't believe me and said they wouldn't have said that, except I didn't make that up. I'm thinking of getting a second opinion and don't want to go back to him for the other eye.

At 70 had cataracts removed and lens added, they were very expensive, but results were as the Doctor said. At 75 have vision that I thought would be impossible at my age, have 20/20 vision in left eye with lens, slightly less in right eye due to stigmatism.
I was told I would need to wear sunglasses due to bright sunlight, I have always worn sunglasses so was not an issue, my glasses are only slightly tinned yellow which addresses the bright light in my case. I have excellent night vision, at first I was told that there would be star tracks from oncoming car head lights, this only lasted about six months. Was never an issue.
The Doctor explained before the surgery the variations that I may experience, saying each person has slightly different results.