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II firmly believe the only way to "retrain my brain" is to soak it daily in the Word of God. Rise in the morning reading in the Psalms. Digest it during the day by memorizing and repeating verses in your mind replacing depressing thoughts. Go to bed at night thinking on His Word. Keep a Journal of Gratitude of things you are thankful for. Gradually you are retraining your brain with good thinking. By the way, I have been plagued with depression/meds since my early 20's-I'm 70! God's medicine is best!

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Thanks Buyearly for your idea – I'll load up a copy of Psalms online and start in! Much appreciated. Any other books in the Bible that you particularly like?

Of all the books in the world, the Bible is the one which helps me the most. As you say, "soak up the word of God". The New Testament is much happier than the Old Testament. I suggest starting with it. Jesus came into the world for a purpose. He came to give us a life more abundantly. If we would do as His word says: "Love one another" how much happier we would all be. Can you imagine everyone in this world loving each other, doing for each other, truly caring how you are, helping you with whatever? Yes, what a wonderful world it would be. If we live on this earth the way we are supposed to, we are offered an eternity in Heaven. I know not everyone doesn't know or doesn't believe. I believe.