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Primary Orthostatic Tremor

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My tremors have worsened in the standing position just recently. Walking is a little worse just recently The date 2015 or 2016 when it was diagnosed. The symptoms were present before that. GABAPENTIN was tried no good. CLONAZEPAM
side effects are very bad so Have been on PANNITONE for years now. I think it does nothing for me. My neurologist has no other meds . I have investigated everything by way of the computer, Mayo Clinic INFO ETC. The diagnosis did not take long. My age is85

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helenstamas, have you investigated thiamine? This first link is about thiamine injections for treatment however a fat soluble thiamine like benfotiamine may offer the same benefit.Fat soluble forms of thiamine like benfotiamine are more efficient in passing through the blood/brain barrier than water soluble forms. Thiamine, like vitamin D, require magnesium to become bioactive. The inclusion of links on Parkinson's and GI issuse is to show the broad range of health concerns thiamine deficiency touches and this is just a short list. B vitamins works better together so I encourage you to research each. Always consult with your health care professional before using any supplement.