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I wish I felt a little better. Discouraged.

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I’ve been thinking about posting a question about fatigue. I also have low white blood counts. You have been on the antibiotics for one month longer than I have, and I am tired ever single day. Drug days are definitely a bit worse than my off days. I’ve never been a napper but I am now! I guess if this had to happen, experiencing during COVID-19 isn’t so bad since I really can’t go anywhere or do anything exciting anyway. So, I accept my naps and enjoy biking and gardening on my non-drug days. It’s daunting to think about how long we’ll be doing this, but I’m happy to know there may be an end in sight! Hope we can hang in there like all the others in this group. Their support makes a difference👍

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n4seth, I like your attitude! I like that you are doing the things you enjoy i.e. biking and gardening. I hope you know to wear a mask when gardening; especially when handling store bought potting soil. It contains millions of mac in just one tablespoon of it. As far as fatigue goes, it def comes with the territory when you have mac and/or bronchiectasis. It is all about pacing oneself. When I was positive for mac, I could only get up and do some house work, or anything, for only 20 mins, then had to sit and rest for 40 mins. Things got done at a very slow pace, but they got done. My slogan was: A little bit here, and a little bit there, gets the job done! I have been free of mac since 2014 and free of pseudomonas since 2016; and although I still have serious lung issues, I have good energy most days. So, hang in there!

@n4seth, the fatigue can be very daunting and depressing. I suffer from multiple serious lung issues that would naturally slow me down; one of them being a rigid and nearly flat diaphragm. It takes a LOT of energy for me to consistently draw in good breaths. I begged my dr for Adderall, a stimulant. He is my cousin's dr (she has sarcoidosis, & very fatigued) he believes that people w/chronic illness can benefit from a little lift. He prescribed 20 mg, but I break it off in 2.5 mg. So my 30 day supply lasts a long time. Most drs will frown on this concept, but it is along the lines of 'micro-dosing' like they do with LSD now for depression. I told that prescribing dr that I didn't want to live anymore if I cannot get up off of the couch and enjoy life. I had always been a very active person, so I was very down about the situation. I have ADD also, so it wasn't a big stretch to put me on it. I find that ginsing, a natural herb suppliment, also helps. I buy it by the box of 30. It comes in little glass bottles and also contains Royal bee pollen, which is also supposed to boost energy. Most Asian or international markets carry it. Can buy ginsing tea too. My daughter uses that. Once you have the infection gone, your natural energy should return. Exercise is a great booster too. Remember, A body in motion, stays in motion!