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kayskid (@kayskid)

I wish I felt a little better. Discouraged.

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Hello Kay. @kayskid I too am sorry that you are feeling cruddy. What used to help with the tightness in my chest was "Breath Easy' tea by Traditional Medicines. I buy mine from a grocery store called Kroger's, and I found it in the Natural food isle, not the tea and coffee isle. It can be purchased online as well. Can totally sympathize with the constant feeling of unwellness and lack of energy. I was in that situation for many, many yrs before getting the right treatment plan. I have been mac-free since 2014, so I want you to know that there is light at the end of the tunnel. It helps to read all that you can about this illness on this site and elsewhere. Be diligent on taking care of yourself. I am one of the Mentors in this group along with Sue. I am here if you have any questions. Are you able to navigate our group site alright?

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Hi Kay,
I took the big 3 for 18mths daily. During that time the Rifampin was lowered due to excessive tiredness Id have huge waves of intense listlessness. The listlessness stopped with the reduction. Im now on the big 3 3X week.Im hoping the cat scan is showing a mucous plug and not another strain of MAI. If its not a plug I think its an outpatient surgery. OMG. I had one surgery (biopsy) that was dx as MAC. Im scrupulous about protecting myself from it now. I exercise. I take super care of myself and Im scared. Im scared becasue the drugs are not taking away the MAC bacteria. I thinks its for life. IM scared to death. I cant get a second opnion from the jewish center unless they see me if thats correct I need to inquire. I need to know my options. Im only 59 and whats it going to look like in my 70 and 80s? Please writing back soon. Im nervous. I have a terrific doctor and this is good. Thankyou Kay, Deborah