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I had Covid. I have not been diagnosed with HCM but I do have heart failure and other issues. I was treated with 2 rounds of ZPack and 2 rounds of Steroid – Dexamethasone. I was extremely ill and had literally every symptom of Covid. I tested at a drive thru testing site and then ended up going to urgent care 3 days later when it became painful to breathe. They did a rapid test for Covid and it was positive. I thought if I could get steroids which is what I’m usually given when sick with respiratory issues it would help me stay out of the hospital. I was determined to not be admitted as I was afraid if I went in I may not come out. I carefully watched my vitals, my 02 and was told if it was 94 to go to ER. I knew that was in the norm but the urgent care doctor said she wanted me to stay safe and not wait till it got too low. But I ignored that advice and wanted to stay safe at home. If I felt like I was struggling too much I certainly would have gone to hospital. I stayed home checked my O2 frequently and it would get as low as 90 at night but it would come back up to 94. As long as I saw it coming back up, I was happy. The other issue about the hospital for me is I would be completely alone. I’ve heard stories of people calling for help to bathroom or whatever and it would be hours before someone would come. I know the hospitals are overwhelmed and if I was able to stay home, I was one less person they would have to worry about. Anyway, sorry for the long response. Just wanted you to know how I was treated and it worked! I’m still weak but doing so much better! Praying you don’t get Covid and have to worry about what medicine to take! God Bless!

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Thank you for your story! I’m glad you are better!