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Neuropathy | Last Active: Aug 21, 2020 | Replies (29)

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I'm sorry to hear your pain has increased. In this book, chapter 7 is all about managing pain, or, as it is with me, virtually eliminating it. I suggest you don’t go directly to chap 7, but read carefully right from the start.Both books are not to read, simply as an interesting read. It took me about 3 months to read book 1.Highlight the various points, with a marker pen, the study or research online. Re read these points often, until you fully understand, as best you can. The indisputable fact is that the brain is plastic, can be healed or regrown, and Doidge discusses possible solutions. No medibcation, pills, tableets, or injections required , just actions by you. Total reversal of peripheral-neuropathy is possibe if you REALLY WANT, AND PREPARED TO HANG IN no matter what others say or think. Just grit you teeth and go for it. In saying this I am assuming you DO HAVE peripheral-neuropathy. If you have not then bbook an appointment Immediately with an neurologist or vist Mayo Centre. Best wishes

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Hi Barry, I saw someone asked you about the neuroplasticity techniques that have helped you. I can't wait to see your answers!! Blessings, Sunnyflower