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Hi @kristin24 I know what you mean about having a mother who has zero interest in technology. My elderly mother will not even consider becoming "tech savvy". She has zero interest in computers, cellphones, etc. That stuff is all before her time. Probably 15 years ago, when she was 83, we, her kids, tried to talk her into learning enough so she could exchange email with us. Out of the question. Not her thing. She is a prolific letter writer, or at least she used to be until her eyes got bad. My wife is similar regarding computers. She has a non-smart cell phone. That is about the extent of what she is willing to do. She can sure whiz around the TV though, DVR, internet connection, ROKU, etc. No problem. For one thing she hates to type for some reason. So anyway, I totally understand your mother's resistance to technology and I respect it. I think it is very difficult for some people who are older to relate to this new techo world. I really get it. I think Jim's @jimhd idea could work, you could be your mom's go between for information. My wife has neuropathy and as I said has no interest in tech stuff, especially computers, so I have become her conduit for that. It would require you dedicating a certain amount of time online, but I have been posting to Mayo Connect since January and have learned a great deal that has helped my wife as well as myself to understand more about her condition. I see that as a good bet in your situation. Hope you find a way to get her questions and issues answered. Best, Hank

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I appreciate your response. My mom has no desire to learn the internet, pc or even a tv. She is very 'old school' as she says. I suggested all this to her last night and she ignored me so i'm guessing she's not interested in learning. I'm out of options. I'm 40ish so I understand the whole doing everything online but I was hoping to find someone that would chat on the phone. I get it tho but my mom doesn't understand this new way of how things are. Anyways, again thank you and I will try to keep working on her to learn since this is her only way.