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eeegreen (@eeegreen)

Newly diagnosed with Epilepsy

Epilepsy & Seizures | Last Active: Aug 6, 2020 | Replies (5)

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Could you share more about your situation?
I’ve had Epilepsy for 53 years.
Take care,

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I was a terrible drunk 2015-19’.. my Sister saw me in mid-conversation “go away, drooling, eyes not focusing”.. I thought it was a drunk thing. 5 months post sobriety, I was in a car accident (July 19’) Zero memory, I now recognize the pre-seizure warnings. But, I didn’t then. I really thought it was a dry drunk moment. *I’ve been sober since June 13, 2019*
In February, I was a month into a new job and had a fall down, pass out, piss myself attack. I refused medical (no insurance), went home for the day. Then I had another one the next day, also at work. After X-ray (EEG¿, I think) a neurologist diagnosed me. I have been keeping a journal, and I take my lamotrigine x2 daily, it’s the only meds I take. I’m having mini seizures (?) no less than x2 day, I feel one coming on, and find a seat or the ground. I try to ‘talk’ my way through it. I’m aware of three blackout seizures whilst awake, and at least once while asleep (the tell is in my loosing control of my bladder). My Rx has increased since May, and a virtual doc meeting later this month. Are there any questions I might want to ask? You’ve been at this 53 years, that’s got to be one heck of a story Jake. You’re a good ambassador for us newbies.
I’m tired. I’m scared. This thing has or is consuming my life.
Wow! Jake, Thank you for asking, and understanding what this is. I avoid the topic w/ friends and family, how to convey..is difficult.

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