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Is depression permanent?

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Just a few short sentences, after a long day working in the heat.

I've not had it in me to be very active on Connect the past few days, more than a few likes. I'm giving thought to the inner child concept, and may be in a better frame of mind to actually address it one of these days, but I don't have the emotional strength right now. As I said, I'll talk with David about it next week. I'm not ignoring you. I think it's going to take some time, and I'm sensing inner tension and fear about the process. I don't like to admit it, but as far as depression and anxiety and PTSD go, I'm feeling fragile right now. You'd think that I'd be farther along the path to recovery by now, but I seem to be going through a low spot, not sure exactly why. I'm hanging on, anticipating our daughter's visit on the 20th.


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@jimhd I'm sorry Jim for your recent slump. I totally understand, don't worry a bit about replying about anything. I just have so much hope for you to find an answer for you. It's been quite a long time now but I still do remember how it felt to be steeped in despair. How much it can make you just want to give up and not have to feel anymore.

I hope David is interested in helping you in exploring inner child work. The pain exists at your center. Your center is not feeling love, which is what it needs and craves. The catharsis that happened to me when the love started to pour over that inner part of me was powerful. It was scary how emotional I became, or it became, whichever. It took a while to recover as it threw me off balance, which is why it's good to plan to have time/space after a session to just chill and be with yourself.

I feel hurt in thinking about where you are at Jim. I hope you can get through the awful hell that this is. I am here for you to the best of my ability to be. Also, feel free to talk through private messages as well if that helps you. Best, Hank

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