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Is depression permanent?

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@mjpg2013 My husband was raised with a verbal abusive dad, and uncle. They were farmers. He was driving tractors at age 10. He doesn't know what verbal abuse is or does now believe he does it. He's better now, but does lose his patients sometimes, but he was very verbal abusive to our 2 children and me as they grew up. My daughter asked me why I didn't divorce him. I told her I didn't know what was going on. She is ok now, by going to a special group at a church. So she has forgiven him. But, my son is bipolar 1 and we can't have any contact with them. His wife is great to help him, but I think she's the one mainly keeping him away from us. He is very smart and has his PHD, but can't teach because of his bipolar 1 and has it bad. Most of it is from the Bipolar 1 the reason we have no contact, but part is the way he was treated. He knew as a child he had mental illness, but didn't tell us. They have a 9 year old daughter, my only grandchild. If she's at her grandma's in Chicago she can skype with us, but they live in NYC. I have to mail all things for Marlowe to the Grandmother in Chicago and she forwards it to her. I haven't seen her since she was 3, but I do get pictures from the other grandmother. So sorry about you not having contact with some of your kids. Have you tried to contact them? It's hard, but all I can do is pray.

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I'm sorry if I led you to believe I don't have contact with my kids. My son lost his license a few years ago and doesnt drive a lot. My middle daughter told me my son got a new cell phone number but he hasnt gave it to me yet. Hes probably busy working and sleeping most of the time.My youngest daughter works for the local post office or USPS.Her work hours are spiratic and long. One day she may get off at noon or have to work untill after 5 pm. She just moved into a house with her new boyfriend, so she is busy with her own life.I got to go to a new restaurant with my middle daughter and grandaughter not that long ago.So I see them a lot through out the year. We always get together during the holidays and have a meal together.