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Being patient after a big and long surgery

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@wisco50 That was so nice of you to think of me while you are in such pain. I am depressive and anxiety complex. I have been very depressed. My husband keeps on picking on me if I accidently bend a little bit, or twist a little bit. With other things it seems like I can't do anything right.
I am so sorry that you are in so much pain and have depression too. I am on Lyrica and Lamactil, which usually really works well for me, but this is a situational depression.
Anyway I know about jaw problems, I take my daughter to Iowa City to see a great dentist for her TMJ. It sounds like you have more than just that, which I'm not understanding. But I just know you are a lot of pain and depression. I wish I could help you! I will think about you and pray for you. Jeanie

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Oh, goodness, don’t worry about me, seriously! It turned out that I actually had osteoarthritis IN my jaw joints (started because of a horseback riding accident in my teens) and by finally getting the right help and having both joints replaced with artificial ones back in 6/2009, all my jaw pain has been fixed – it’s gone! Just celebrated 11 years free of jaw pain, eat whatever I want, whenever I want. Only discomfort is back and neck, mostly neck. I refuse to have more neck surgery. SCS took care of majority of back pain, TG. I feel my depression is very stable.