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@mutter3, I, too, am so sorry that you had to go through such an experience. I encourage you to contact Mayo Clinic's Office of Patient Experience at the location where you were tested. They will want to feed this information back to the department to improve the experience for others. Here's the contact information: https://www.mayoclinic.org/about-mayo-clinic/patient-experience

I'm deeply grateful that you posted about your experience here on Connect to help others prepare for Magnetic resonance (MR) enterography. It sounds like discomfort and embarrassment can be avoided with preparation and knowing what to expect. You recommend that patients bring the following with them:
– adult diapers or protection like Depends. Bring extra.
– wipes
– change of clothes
– ask for a patient care package if you don't have supplies

Great tips. What else do you think people should know about the procedure? How long did the test take? Was it uncomfortable? Where should you go after the test if you can't get home right away?

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I contacted department of patient experiences the next day. The test was about 45 minutes plus an hour prep. 3 bottles of contrast and a bottle of water. Plus IV contrast and glucagon. Glucagon made the test difficult because it lowers your blood sugar so you need something to eat after the test yet don’t dare eat because of the diarrhea. Just a difficult test. Glad it’s over.

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