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Atrial Tachycardia and Epicardial Ablation

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@marib Hi and I would like to welcome you to connect. Yes I have had 2 of them. As you know from.your first ablation, that was probably done from inside of the heart, this type is done from the outside of the Heart. So they go thru the front and into the sac around the heart. Mine was from the front but based on where they think the problem is they may go in from a different position. The idea is that they may be able to reach the path that's causing the tachycardia.
Now mine wasn't successful mainly because of a few factors. I was pretty sick with a bad cough which made to much movement during the first one of that type so it could not be completed. So they had an approximate location and wanted to do an MRI to get a better location but due to my pacemaker was very blurred. So they were unable to find it and also because I have had so many my heart could not take anymore ablations.
So anyway I also know they will do an angiogram to identify where the blood vessels are so they don't ablate one. With mine I was on the table like 7 hours trying to find it and they never did. Like I said my heart had a lot of issues so this was a last attempt to fix it. The thing I have been told is it's trickier than a normal one so my suggestion is to find out how many you Doctor has done. And maybe look up and see if you can find reviews on the doctor you have. I might even get a second opinion. I wish I could say more positive things about mine except that for me it led to other options. I made out well overall I now have a new heart and for the past 2.5 years been doing great. Life is different as a transplant recipient and I had to give up things but it's always a blessing to know there are options. Please let's is know how things go on your journey.
Have a Blessed Day

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Thank you for your reply Dana. My fear is I could come out of this procedure in a worse position than going in. I do have a second opinion appointment in August. I am not sure the EP’s where I live have enough experience. I have been dealing with SVT/Atrial Tachycardia for over 20 years and need an EP with a lot of experience and a good track record. I wish you well with your new heart and your new life.