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Questions: EEG and Privileges

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Hi @johnbishop, sometimes I too am surprised by the answers I receive to questions I ask. I try not to have a preconceived notion of what I might get and instead attempt to look at it all as data. So, I am still curious if others have experience with the privileges scenario.

Thanks for the link, I guess I am more interested in what is actually happening. It does seem the author of the article suggests more EEGs should be done compared to what is happening in my case. However the mere fact the article needs to be written would suggest in actual practice it is not the case. I am curious what is happening in other Dr. offices.

The article appears to have been written in 2005 so that would be plenty of time to have filtered down and should actually have been put into practice by now. I am going to be interested to see how my neurologist wants to track my seizures given my perceptions are wildly inaccurate. Of course I am still curious what is happening in other Dr offices.

The article also seems to suggest the reading of the EEG is subjective. I do know my previous EEG was read by a different neurologist than this time. What I take away from that is we really don't have a baseline.

All of this makes me even more curious what is going on in other Dr offices.

Thanks for your input.


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Replies to "Hi @johnbishop, sometimes I too am surprised by the answers I receive to questions I ask...."

@mxyzptlk32, I have not had an EEG test myself but I'm wondering if @jakedduck1, @flowerbloom, @robertjr, @cmcafee, and others may be able to share their experiences.

Hi @johnbishop, I seen my nurse today and she is setting up a referral to level 4 epilepsy center several hours away. She said EEGs are expensive and 1 a year would be excessive but also said lets see what the epilepsy center says. So the article you gave me hasn't filtered down yet. I'll take it with me to my appointment in September at the Epilepsy Center. It does make me wonder what an EEG costs and what the insurance companies have to say. I'll probably end up giving them a call.

She is also getting me a sleep study setup. We hope to have that done by the time I go to the epilepsy center. I am very tired most days so we both suspect the CPAP is not set correctly. She also told me today the neurologist who read my sleep deprived EEG said I was seizing every 6 seconds. A few more than the 5 per day I had estimated. No wonder I am tired and have trouble remembering anything, every 6 seconds I am rebooting. The reboot lasting 1-1.5 seconds.

My last two providers have had privileges removed from hospitals. In one case I fired the hospital and probably should have taken them to court but it isn't in my nature, and the other is why I asked the question. Given my first experience I have to think there is a whole bunch of reasons a doctor may lose privileges that have nothing to do with their competence.

I can answer the question regarding privileges. Please don't jump to conclusions regarding the experiences of others. I think you put a damper on anyone answering the question, perhaps that was your intention. Whether it was or not I can work around it so no worries.

Thanks for your time, have a good evening. Love the article you sent me. I always like it when the scientists agree with me.


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