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Epilepsy & Seizures | Last Active: Jul 28, 2020 | Replies (10)

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This is a good topic thank you for posting it.
Although I never had a regular job I never gave up because I never quit hoping my seizures would stop. It took 44 years for them to stop. Although I did some volunteer work. While I was at the police department (my most rewarding job/experience)and often having frequent seizures they would just kick me aside and work around me. Unlike most people/places they just treated me like one of the guys (no stigma) which doesn’t always happen. perhaps because of the talks I gave about how to treat seizure patients during
squad meetings which were held prior to officers going on patrol. My work there made
me feel as though I was contributing.
I worked mostly in the CCAP Unit
(Career Criminal Apprehension Program ) I’m sure we all do our very best to be Eagles and to continually move forward and not to land or often in our case “crash” but sometimes we have no control over continuing to move forward, but when we are able we will continue to move forward again. We won’t give up regardless of our medical condition.

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Dear Jake,

This sounds a lot like me. I volunteered a lot of my life at different places, mainly hospitals in settings dealing with medical records. I went to college majoring in medical records. I have never given up with all the trial I have gone through with my seizures and life in general. I have so many medical conditions. I have never been given a chance in life People way how do you do it? Perseverance I say. I won't let anything get in my way or hinder me in life!

Take care,

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