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Epilepsy & Seizures | Last Active: Aug 14, 2020 | Replies (26)

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Today I am more convinced than ever I didn’t have a seizure yesterday at Costco.
Today I am very dizzy and can hardly walk. used my cane to walk out to the car to take some grocery bags out and I fell down four times And staggered all over the place. My neighbor came over and asked me what was wrong I wish I had known what to tell him but he took my bags and put them in the car and helped me back into the house and here I sit. Anybody ever have similar symptoms? If so what did you do about it or what did the doctor say it might be. If it is any type of epilepsy it must be nonconvulsive status epilepticus which I don’t think is really likely. In 13,000 seizures I have never had these symptoms ever before which of course doesn’t mean it’s not possible now but I still think it’s unlikely.

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Dear Jake,
Sorry to hear about all that you have recently experienced. That incident at Costco must have really been upsetting. I never would have gone to my neurologist right away then. Having things checked out by a theumatologist is a good idea. I would rather hear news of arthritic problems than a seizure problem.
Take care of yourself.


Sorry about the continued problems. Could be any number of things. Vertigo, inner ear infection, a bug of some kind, sugar problems….my husband is a diabetic, l have low blood sugar, carry glucose tabs all the time. Low or high blood glucose levels can give you quite a scare.

Hi Jake, just read your text. This really worries me… Hope you are feeling better & I hope you went to see the doctor. May not be epilepsy related. Thinking about you will lift you up..

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