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Thank you all for your replies. I will continue to search for the exercises I used. (Oh, to have bookmarked them.) They were on an organization page and considered teaching for both patients and professionals. I just happened on them. However, I found them helpful for someone learning to clear mucus and for building strength in lungs and body core to support lungs.

I have Bronchiectasis and was diagnosed with Mac in February. I am really doing well considering. At 76, I have elected not to take the antibiotics unless I become worse. Feel the treatment at this point might be worse than the disease. While continuing with my regular doctors and medications, I’m working with a Naturopathy doctor and seeing improvements. Was hoping to add exercises to my regimen to support breathing and strength. I’m sure there are specific exercises designed for individual needs, but feel these will help me at this time. Meanwhile, I will do what I remember.

Was glad to find this page for information and support. Thanks for your prompt replies.

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@marianm44– So the link that I sent you wasn't the one that you had been looking for? What are some of the exercises? Perhaps I can find it with more information?

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