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Hi Leonard…. just posted long message to Jake…new to this so hope you can read it. The comment re hitting the wrong keys, is not due to the epilepsy, it’s the small keyboard on the iPad! I’ve typed for years, But on a large keyboard. iPads are convenient But too small.

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Replies to "Hi Leonard.... just posted long message to Jake...new to this so hope you can read it...."

Hi @maggiek, I see that @colleenyoung has already provided some good tips for you in her response to your post. One thing you mentioned that you thought is part of your problem is using the "virtual" keyboard on the iPad's screen. I have an iPad also but don't use it much for Connect. One thing that does help when I'm using my iPad is a keyboard accessory which makes it more similar to a laptop or typing on a regular keyboard. You can get them through Apple or less expensive ones through Amazon or other sites, you just need to read the reviews and make sure it's specific to the model of iPad you have.