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lorirenee1 (@lorirenee1)

Update on my DRG stimulator Implant. Implanted 12 days ago.

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Hi again, to all my Neuropathy Friends! I had to tell you the latest news on my DRG stimulator. I just got back from seeing my pain doc and my ABBOTT rep. Both said it can easily take a good, solid, 6 weeks, and sometimes even more, to get the DRG stimulator adjusted right. The ABBOTT guy spent easily 10 minutes sending electricity to my legs, butt cheeks, ankles, and feet. I got these not so nice tingles, vibrations, that let him know how much and where to send the electricity. He wound up giving me a whole new program. Interestingly, I learned that the DRG nerves around the lumbar spine are anatomically impossible to exactly locate. Of course, the doc knows the ball park of where they generally are, but everyone is a little different. Therefore, adjustments need to be made to the machine to get just the right amount and placement of electricity. I wish they had told me ahead of surgery. I thought this was a failure, and it sounds like it is not. At least, not yet. Interestingly, when I walked out of the office, my feet moved in a more flexible fashion, like normal, human feet!!! For joy! The simple pleasure of almost normal foot movement! I wanted to dance my feet in a sprinkler! Now, let's all pray that this second program works better! Seems better already! Just to note; wouldn't it be nice if these docs took the time to really explain things? Of how bout if ABBOTT Labs, with all their money, invested in a simple brochure to help the patient understand the real deal of the DRG! And this one is for you, Hank, because I know you would be watching over Linda carefully; all ABBOTT reps are not created equal. The guy I had today was utterly thoughtful, careful, logical, and really THOUGHT!!! I don't know if I can request him, but I am going to, anyway! They are busy, and sometimes their schedules do not allow. But we have to be proactive in caring for ourselves, and I will try to have him come to my next appointment in 6 weeks. I am hopeful again. Thank God for small wonders…… Love to you all, Lori

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Just when things seem their bleakest, suddenly a ray of light. This is great to hear Lori! Everything will remain firmly crossed for the duration, fingers, toes, anything else I can think of. Hank

@lorirenee1 That is good news. I don't know anything about the DRG stimulator you had installed. I don't much about my nerve stimulator. I'm glad there is some light at the end of the tunnel.

Good afternoon @lorirenee1. I just read your post a few times to make sure it actually said what I wanted to see. I can just invision beginning to have freedom from discomfort and pain. And the walking, the fresh air. Enjoy every moment.

I also wanted to tell you that you have mentioned an issue that I have noticed with my practitioners and clinicians, they do not tell you everything you really need to know about a treatment or medication before you make a decision. The best decisions are made by folks who have the most information about the choices. Those of us who work hard to become our own advocates seem to do pretty well. Keep up the good work and the good news.

May you feel joy today.

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