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Myotonia Congenita

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Thank you and I will update my Profile. Thank you for your suggestions and I look forward to any kind of support that I can give someone or get from someone.
As for being a “Pain Warrior” I’m not sure about that – It’s just a Will to live and I have things to do that I just won’t give up. My family is very supportive and understanding but as they are for my I will always be there for them 🙂
Best to you – Kim

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Kim, you are VERY lucky you have a supportive family. That is GOLD! Look forward to hearing from you more. Best to you, Hank

@kimcvi Hi Kim and welcome to Connect! I'm Rachel and although I do not share your diagnosis, I live in pain, have a life that I'd like to live to the best quality, love my family and my family loves me. I'm 50 and began fighting health issues at 43. I can not imagine what you feel, experiencing such a rare disease. Im very happy you have found help through Mayo and can have ongoing communication with your Dr and nurse there. Might they be able to point you to a support group for your specific diagnosis? I'm sure as you keep poking around Connect and get more about your story out, you will find others. As @jesfactsmon mentioned, the more you share, the more apt you are to connect. Be well and know you have found support here.