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@zep, Nope, you didn't read my report wrong. However, I suggest that you do not know all of the underlying circumstances pertaining to this one family and their reasons for making the choices they made. Just as health conditions affect each individual differently, so are decisions made individually by those most concerned about their children's overall health and well being. If more families in this nation were adhering to the same precautions this family has taken and continues to observe, I can guarantee that there would be far less spread of the pandemic and far fewer lives lost. While it is easy to be quick to judge, it is far harder to understand until one has walked in another's moccasins. Thank you for your wishes for our little guy's speedy recovery, no relapses and particularly, no long-term effects.

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@fiesty76 – The virus was acquired somewhere, from some other person. Rationalizing the choices that were made, after the fact, is not useful. The second paragraph of your earlier post says the children/families (numbers of people) at hockey/football practice may not have been restricting activities. That's the core of this dilemma. Choosing to send one's children among other people who may or may not have been isolating was the error. It doesn't matter what the underlying circumstances are, or the reasons for making the choices. The parents went against the science, period. They took a chance, several times, apparently. The sooner people realize there are no exclusions, the virus will attack anybody, no matter how nice, even the children of doctors, the sooner we can get through with this horror. What you say is exactly the opposite of the truth. If more families in this nation were "adhering to the same precautions this family has taken" then there would be MORE spread of the pandemic and MORE lives lost. I am not trying to be cruel, only to speak the truth, and have logic prevail. You cannot let down your guard, with your own life, or your child's, even for a second. "Children's overall health and well-being" has to take second place right now to children's actual ability to remain alive, and to their not becoming spreaders to other people and other people's children.

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