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I am going to say what no one else seems to be saying here. Best practices were NOT followed, at all. The youngsters, if I understand it correctly, went out into the world among other kids, and/or adults, to participate in three different sports activities. That doesn't sound cautious to me. Maybe I'm reading it wrong. If so, please correct me. It seems like there's no reason for surprise here. I wish them all the speediest and most thorough of recoveries, with no relapses or long-term effects!

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@zeo. Infection among the 0-17 population is on the rise in my city. I can understand how teenagers can be restless during this time, heck, I am too, and can be rebellious. Parents who have to work either at workplace or at home are having a hard time keeping them at home. I know many parents are telling their kids to stay put, unfortunately kids are mobile, they have skateboards, bikes and can go anywhere. I think there are different guidelines among the states as far as sports activities are concerned. I don't think it's a good idea. In my state, it's not allowed, even public swimming pools and playground equipments are off limit. My grandson hasn't been to a public park in four months!! But it's a sacrifice we are willing to make to keep him and ourselves safe.

@zep, Nope, you didn't read my report wrong. However, I suggest that you do not know all of the underlying circumstances pertaining to this one family and their reasons for making the choices they made. Just as health conditions affect each individual differently, so are decisions made individually by those most concerned about their children's overall health and well being. If more families in this nation were adhering to the same precautions this family has taken and continues to observe, I can guarantee that there would be far less spread of the pandemic and far fewer lives lost. While it is easy to be quick to judge, it is far harder to understand until one has walked in another's moccasins. Thank you for your wishes for our little guy's speedy recovery, no relapses and particularly, no long-term effects.

I've been staying away from all the news media until last night and it's now being said that teenagers can spread this virus more easily to others unknowingly. Of course they didn't go into detail as to why this age group which is a bit frustrating. I think we are trying to do our best given these unique times.

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