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@fiesty76 Talked with my son yesterday and he said he just had a talk with the principal to find out . At my grandson's school they are doing half the class will come in the morning and half in afternoon with all sanitizeing being done in between . Kids will have mask on as teachers ,hand sanitizers and all disinfectants going at school they will stay in class room till done then go home no play time outside but social distancing ,hopefully, inside for play time . For some kids there still will be computer time for those that don't come to school . He works at Cal State and said the kids there will still be having computers at home for school . He does have to go in once a week but thank goodness he has been working from home . Her too so they still have incomes coming in.

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@fiesty76 thanks They both have there Master's he is Director of Development at Cal State in Long Beach she is at Yahoo so I ask her questions

Thanks for your reply, @lioness. The half day planned will be a hardship for parents who have to work outside the home because of transportation and the 1/2 day at home need for child care. Yes, my sil and daughter will be working from home but so many, many others won't have this luxury.

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