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@fiesty76 There are no easy answers, especially now that we see what reopening business has done to the numbers already. I assume that most of the population faces the same situation as suburban Minnesota – schools are at or over capacity, with no funds for additional construction, so social distancing is impossible. Consider that we cannot gets adults to do it – how do you enforce it among children and teens in a full-house setting?

This is a constant topic in our family – my daughter is the school nurse in a high school of 2500 students (built for 2000) and parent of 2 preschoolers. The district includes 33000 students in 33 buildings, roughly 10% of them with chronic health issues making them vulnerable. As well, many of the teachers and staff are over age 50 or with health issues, bus drivers are primarily retirees, and the pool of available subs is largely composed of retired teachers. The district has already announced that they cannot get (read will not try to get) any type of PPE for staff or students – even their nurses.

Parents are insisting the schools open because distance education is too hard, they cannot afford daycare, and that "kids don't get very sick anyway." To make matters more difficult, many on staff and many parents are insisting that masks are not an option – "kids can't see facial expressions" "too hard to breathe" "who will provide" etc.

School districts here are working overtime this summer trying to figure out what they are going to do, all while watching the numbers of case to see what is even possible. They are requiring each district, using state guidelines, to have 3 plans in place by August 1st – all in-person, hybrid, and all-distance.

As with everything Covid, stay tuned for further developments.

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@sueinmn. This is indeed a tough situation. Young children do not understand the severity of covid. It's hard enough for them to wash their hands, let alone wear masks when they were never required to do so in their lifetime. Older children often push the boundaries to assert their independence. I read that in Alabama, college kids are having covid party, those who are infected go to parties on purpose and see who get infected next. Such mentality is scary. It's not easy for parents who are now working at home to take care of young children at the same time. In Japan, the found that child abuse cases had gone up since the pandamic.
I'm grateful my grandchild is only 2, and he doesn't really understand the situation yet. He wore a mask the whole time when I went to see him for a brief moment. My son, daughter in law and myself all wore masks and sat outside in a safe distance. The sad part is I don't get to hug him. He should be running around in the park, on a jungle gym and learn to swim, but all that are on hold.
He's missing alot too.
Education is so very important, my friend's granddaughter is due to report to college, and although they set a date in September to start school, it is still subject to change.

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