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Colleen said it better than I. But you sometimes you have to let doctors be doctors but that doesn’t mean you don’t have the final say, doesn’t mean they don’t have to explain everything until you thoroughly understand it either. Sometimes we do have to compromise though. I compromised with one doctor by finally agreeing to take Lyrica. I didn’t like anything about the drug that I had heard. Seeing how I seldom have side effects from meds I really had no justification to refuse that drug so I decided to give it a try. Turned out my intuition was right. I stopped it and ended up filing a complaint with the FDA.
There are unfortunately incompetent and uncaring doctors out there. I think we’ve probably all had our share of them. If every doctor was a top doctor medical errors wouldn’t be the third leading cause of death in this country.
You know how epilepsy and memories are so I don’t remember if you’re still actively having seizures or not but I was curious if you have ever been to or consider going to the Mayo Clinic Epilepsy Center? I doubt if you did that you would be disappointed.
If your seizures are still active in spite of treatment have you ever had or ever considered epilepsy surgery? Personally I refuse to have it done myself, I have known a lot of people who have benefited from it and sadly some who have died, others who have gotten worse while some have lost function. I’m not a big gambler so to me it’s too big a gamble. Fortunately my parents believe the same way I am often wonder if it was because of the side effects my father suffered from his brain tumor surgery. Sorry I didn’t mean to go off into a tangent.
Take care of yourself,

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Dear Jake:

I understand your views on things. I have had seizures since 6 1/2 had brain surgery twice to no avail, I have taken almost every medication there is to try. I will be no more guinea pig and let the doctors learn from me! Now that I have found zonisamide that has decreased my seizures to once monthly and seizures are all nocturnal, I will not complain! They do not interfere with my life at all. Seizures have been like this since I saw my doctor last May. When I can get an appointment to see her next I will and maybe there will be an increase in medication that will make things for the better. For the time being I could not laslt for better.