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@lsittll, Great topic. I expanded the title to reflect the discussion. Finding the right specialist for YOU certainly goes beyond reading reviews. With a chronic condition like epilepsy, you're working with someone as a team. You want that team member to work with you, to provide medical expertise, but also to respect and consider your experience and your expertise about you.

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I'd like to also bring @lynette1975 @gimmegum @jakedduck1 @mxyzptlk32 @possumm @fbutterw20 @ehowey18 @crstyday40 @patrassi @jktaheri) and others into this discussion.

@lsittll, why don't you kick us off. What do you look for in a doctor? What is important for you to be able to trust in the care you get? What traits do you value?

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@colleenyoung I find that having a doctor who deals with your seizures as a team is important.

I saw a doctor for the first time. I just switched from Johns Hopkins University to University of Maryland Medical Center. She was discontinuing vigabatrin. I mentioned switching to Dilantin because it was successful earlier but she said no that affected your liver..
I said that I get a strange feeling with my seizures that makes me feel like I am causing the things. She tried to set up EEG monitoring to check to see if I was indeed having seizures. She knew I had an established history of epilepsy. If she had consulted with other doctors on the team my doctor would have told her that patients with psychomotor seizures feel a sensation like that, a deja'vu feeling before their seizures. She told me this when I asked her the same thing. Last time I saw that doctor!