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Surgery during covid-19

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Hi Rosemary, Thank you so much for the get well card! I had the knee replacement on July 7 and it went very well. I am coming up on week six post surgery and everything is going well. Had a couple of bad pain days but got through it. This week I am weaning myself from using crutches I tried doing it on the third week and it was to early. Mayo staff was awesome!!! My wife stayed at the kahler and their staff was awesome too. Stay one night in Methodist hospital and home on the eighth.
Hope ał is weł with you,
Tom thulin

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@guidant07, This sounds great! I'm happy that everything has worked out well for you and for your wife. I agree that Mayo Methodist is a super place for medical care and the entire staff is amazing. Glad your wife was able to stay nearby and was well cared for, too.
All is well with me because all is well with my liver and kidney! Thanks for asking.

Since my transplant, I find that it takes me longer to heal. Did your anti-rejection medications have any effect on the procedure? Or your healing time?