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The Doc said (tongue in cheek) either you have no gall bladder or there is a blockage preventing the test fluid from entering. I said but I have no pain, what now. His response was "do nothing". I am not satisfied with this response. He said if you have another attack call me.
I am thinking second opinion. I would like to know other opinions, if any. Maybe do nothing is the right answer. Is there further testing that might be more revealing?

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@jfperrone, I have no experience with the HIDA scan, so I had to go to the link that Colleen sent to you. I think that I would also be dissatisfied if my doctor gave me a response like your doctor gave you. There are many times when a "do nothing" approach is the way to go, however, it is usually accompanied by an explanation or discussion of the possiblities.

Who ordered this scan? PCP or a Gastroenterologist?

@jfperrone – I did some research on congenital absent gallbladder. It is rare, but does exist and one could get symptoms of gall stone attack.
I think it can only be diagnosed through surgery and direct observation. May be a question for the gastroenterologist?

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