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Grief in the Time of Covid-19

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@fiesty76 Anytime . It will take time for you I lost some close friends and it is hard I know but be kind to yourself and glad you and her guy are there for each other . One thing that helped me too was that I would go to his grave to talk that helped a lot . You get to say things you didn't have time to when they are alive . Might help you also .

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@lioness, Yes, Fred and I have talked about plans to do that together later. I think it will be healing for us whether we eventually continue to go together or individually. Of course that will also depend upon whether her daughter will allow some of her ashes to be placed as my friend had planned with her mom and dad. If not, we'll talk at my outdoor table or perhaps his kitchen table if he is allowed to remain in their house where so many, many visits over the years took place. You are so right, that would/does allow an opportunity to share what didn't get shared with the loved one earlier. Hadn't thought of it like that before. Thank you.

Each time I'd visit my family home and as members were added to our family plot, regardless of the primary reason for any visit, I always made it a priority to spend time at the cemetery communing with my loved ones. Those visits throughout the years brought me much comfort and consolation regardless of whatever else was going on in the family. With the completion of estate affairs for my sister, there are no others of that family group living to require a trip back to my hometown. However, I continue to talk with and remember each, dad, mom, sister, nephew throughout the year. We were a close family and their influence continues and is relied upon in my life today.

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