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Grief in the Time of Covid-19

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Ah, @lioness, how wonderful that you could be with your husband when he died and that he could hear your words and know the clasp of your hand. What a great helpmate you had to have been to him because you continue helping others now that he isn't with you. Although the Hospice nurse had told me my sister would slip into a coma before she died, she was lucid and we talked much of the night before she died the following day. I continued talking after she went into the coma even though she became non responsive. Had heard that sound was the last to go. My friend's guy and I had a meaningful conversation by phone yesterday and I can only hope it helped him as much as it did me. He expressed some of the same feelings I'd shared in my post here, especially about the unreality of it all even though he'd been there with her. Thank you for your kind pm offer, too. Right now, I'm taking things moment to moment.

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@fiesty76 Anytime . It will take time for you I lost some close friends and it is hard I know but be kind to yourself and glad you and her guy are there for each other . One thing that helped me too was that I would go to his grave to talk that helped a lot . You get to say things you didn't have time to when they are alive . Might help you also .