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Debating hip replacement

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I did it! I am about six weeks post hip replacement and am ready to get the other one done! It was a relatively easy recovery as my surgeon did the anterior approach. Ditched the Rx and walker at a week and just kept moving. The most important thing to remember is that you are not harming yourself when it hurts and it is just part of the process to healing. If you don't move, you won't be happy with the results. Do the exercises, walk and be positive-it worked for me!

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I too was thrilled with the relief I got from hip replacement, and at 7 weeks jumped in and had the second one done. Not my best plan! Two major surgeries so close together with general anesthesia were very hard on my body. Tackling recovery on a second hip before the first was 100% healed and back to full strength was difficult. And I was of ideal weight, had good strength, and was under 60.

When they had to be replaced a few years ago (recalled implants that failed and are no longer on market) the surgeon insisted on 4 full months between operations and recovery was much easier, even though by then I had developed othe rhealth issues.

I wholeheartedly recommend replacement of no longer working joints, followed by rehab exercises to retrain your body to stop limping.

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