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Debating hip replacement

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I am currently going through the exact same thing; I also don't want to go through a hip replacement. I am 71 and have walked with a slight lip for a year now due to hip osteoarthritis. One day I went to get up, the pain was so severe from my hip to my knee that I could not put any weight on the leg and could not walk for four hours. I was in tears it hurt so bad. Went to orthopedic and got my first steroid shot a couple weeks ago. I was told a total hip replacement is in my future. Very scared to go through the procedure and recovery. Add to the problem; I live alone, have 14 steps up to bedrooms and 14 steps down to basement for laundry!

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I had my right hip replaced on 8/20/20 (this is 9/25/20) and have been walking without a cane for over two weeks. I carry it with me for long walks per the PT directions. Have had little pain. I stayed one night and before being released I had to show that I could walk with a walker and was given PT on how to get into and out of vehicle as well as how to climb and descend steps. I think you could do the steps following the right instructions but initially definitely not be attempting to carry laundry up and down steps! My experience with the surgery was good – no issues of any significance. Can provide you more information if you have questions. Don't put it off if you are in regular pain and you are being limited by the hip. I even mowed my lawn this week – taking advantage of the self propelled feature so it was almost like using a walker! I was allowed to drive after my first PT session when I was assessed. – three weeks after surgery and making my wife happy!