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MAC Medication and long term side effects

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@debminuet, there are many discussions about side effects in the MAC & Bronchiectasis group. Here's just a handful:

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But your question, I believe is specifically about long-term side effects and the risk of secondary medical issues as a result of treatment. Good question! I'd like to bring @windwalker @sueinmn @boomerexpert @rits @ling123 @tdrell @heathert @poodledoc @irene5 and others into this discussion.

Deb, have you had any secondary medical issues crop up that might be attributable to MAC treatments?

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Replies to "@debminuet, there are many discussions about side effects in the MAC & Bronchiectasis group. Here's just..."

debminuet…..go to You Tube and type in "Gwen Huitt and side effects of NTM treatment"…..should be several tapes of it…one is 5 months old…some older….hunt around and you will find a lot of info re NTM etc….good luck…l am not proficient with the computer hence cannot put links on this email…tdrell

I am still not on medication so cannot speak to this

MAC is more common in females than males and I have noticed that the ladies in this group outnumber the men by far. My message about side effects is directed toward my male friends on this site. I am a little hesitant to post this as I hate posting things that are not easily verified by a quick internet search. So here goes. I took the all of the big 3 drugs for about 5 months and during that time noticed a serious decrease in bedroom activities (trying real hard to be appropriate here). So I began an exhaustive internet search to find if any of the 3 drugs was somehow responsible. I came across a couple of obscure articles that showed Rifampin could indeed affect hormone levels in men. Two of my doctors of course had never heard of such a thing. I just happened to have had a hormone panel done 4 months before starting the drugs for an unrelated issue and it was normal. But I got another identical lab panel done just to see and found a remarkable change in my hormone levels. I immediately stopped the Rifampin (after seeing posts on this site that Rifampin is of questionable value in MAC anyway) and retested 1 month later and found my levels were completely back to normal, at the same time my male "symptoms" were completely back to normal. I realize this information is anecdotal with no science backing it up, but it is a side effect that definitely affected me. Bill