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Hi there! Glad to meet a fellow dancer. Yes, it would be great to dance again! At times I do dance by myself at home, but this staying at home situation and the upcoming family holidays are feeding into my depression big time. Am grateful for babysitting which gets me out of the house.
By the way, I'm on blood pressure medication and wonder what dosage is too much that would cause such brittle bones.
From one fellow dancer to another…we will dance again!

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Hi there I had brittle bones before I started on blood pressure medication. I was had anexoria and bulimia all my life and that’s the main cause of my brittle bones. I also did the Hawaiian Ironman triathlon doing long hours of hard training for over 7 years on bad nutrition. My eating disorder started when I was 11 and sexually abused. It’s only as I got older that I had to start on blood pressure medication. But I lost about 5 kg I don’t know what that is in pounds as I am an Aussie and the doctor did not adjust my blood pressure medication. Your doctor should always take your blood pressure mine was too interested in telling me about her $200 eyelashes and having to brush them. I have a new doctor now. If you can dance at home that’s great always put on some music you love during the day it makes you feel better. It’s 33 degrees here in Queensland today which is hot I don’t know where you are but I am trying to go for a swim to help with my depression and muscles take care of yourself

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