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Hi! I too love to dance but my husband does not. I needed good, fun exercise besides the gym and discovered Body Groove dancing. What a great way to get in shape at your own pace! Dance your own way, join a fantastic, supportive group of people who become your cheer leaders as you work to improve your life (a private Facebook group you just have to join for free) you can dance in your home, and make whatever modifications you need for doing the moves -like some who are recovering from injuries, surgery, bad knees, bone issues, might do it at first by sitting, or like I do with a painful bunion I do not do any jumping, etc. I think this might be perfect for you to get going. Add strength without doing heavy weights and enjoy dancing even before you are ready to tackle that swing dance ?which i also love!) It is found at Bodyvrooveondemad.com and there is a Facebook group by that name ( Body Groove On-Demand) you can search for to request to join. The access to the dances on line is one price ($60) for a full year access and might even be on sale right now. I do the 30 day challenge, the workout of the Day and am going to try the other options like Young at Heart which has gentler moves, that are included in the one price. I bought a combo DVD set to do when my year is done, though I will likely renew the online demand one too.. I know i soundi like a commercial, but this dance exercise has changed the lives of so many , including mine,, and you seem like you could really benefit!! just join the Facebook group and read the comments to see what you think.

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@ grandmaraines Appreciate the info and will check it out!

Hi there yes lovely to meet a fellow dancer, we have a dancer in Aussie who was in Strictly Ballroom I think the movie was. Her name is Sonja Kruger she has a website called Strictly you I think. She was great when the Aussies were first locked Dow we could sign up for a month or so free and she teaches dancing. I did try it but my pain was intense then and could not keep up. But it was great fun

Oops. Website i gave for dance exercise was spelled wrong. It is bodygrooveondemand.com

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